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Music Review: Years of Refusal by Morrissey

posted on 1 March 2009 | posted in Music Reviews

Music Review: Years of Refusal by Morrissey It's Mozzer's 50th birthday in May, but he still draws deep from the teenage angst themes of loneliness and self-loathing.

I've been a fan of The Smiths since the mid-80s, so I've followed Morrissey over a couple of decades. What I've realised is Morrissey is never going to release a concept album. The Morrissey fingerprint is easily recognisable, and comfortably familiar.

On his latest album, he does go a little left-field with the crooning "You Were Good In Your Time" which sounds awful the first few times you hear it, as if he's drunkenly performing karaoke in an empty room, but actually grows on you after persevering through about 20 listens. And when listening to "I'm OK By Myself" I'm thinking - did Mozzer just yodel? He did - he's doing it again. So the creative juices are still flowing and producing unexpected, yet oddly delightful results.

Most melodic tracks are "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" and "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell". "Mama..." also has lovely subtle harmony in the chorus. His best albums have always been rich in melody like Viva Hate and Vauxhall And I, and I think - all he needs is Johnny Marr to write him 7 or 8 melodies every 3 years and we can still have The Smiths, even if it's in a secret way.

After about 30 listens over a couple of weeks I think I have the measure of the album. It's a serviceable album, of Mozzer standard regulation - but not great. You were good in your time Morrissey.