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TV Review: Limmy's Show Pilot

posted on 26 February 2009 | posted in TV

TV Review: Limmy's Show Pilot ....if you want to read the review of Episode 1 (screened on 11th Jan), click here

....if you want to read the review of Episode 3 (screened on 11th Jan), click here

you can watch Limmy's Show here on youtube)

I knew Limmy way back in 2000 on forum, and now the guy has his own TV show, albeit a pilot episode. It's been a meteoric rise since he really only started his comedy routines seriously since 2006.

Not being in the UK, I had to watch the pilot via youtube, which is just as well because you really have to watch a lot of his comedy sketches a couple of times to "get them". Limmy is offbeat, misanthropic, cynical, and a lover of 80s music - he's built for alternative comedy. And so his humour sometimes comes across as a bit flat - quite often there's no punchline, and yet on second and third viewings you can find yourself laughing and not really know why. What I loved about the pilot is he hasn't compromised on his style to suit a wider audience.

What I don't like about Limmy is his Glasgow characters. Back in 2006 Limmy had his "World Of Glasgow" podcast series where these characters were born. Sorry Limmy, this was a dud for me. All the characters were stereotypes - neds, junkies, gay bloke, Indian guy, yuppie, priest etc. The usual clichés were attached to each character, nobody going against type. It was a mistake for Limmy to come out with this standardised format when his strengths are going right against it. So it was disappointing to see his Jackie McCafferty character going through the motions on the pilot. Give these up Limmy and let's see more of your interesting stuff - like your hatred of the word "guys" being used to describe girls (very funny) and the swings scene where you bronco them at the end (well not quite) - very funny.

Anyway, if you've never heard of Limmy, check out his videos here: Limmy's Videos