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Movie Review: Shattered Glass

posted on 22 February 2009 | posted in Movies

Movie Review: Shattered Glass I caught this film on the Star Movies channel the other night.

I had no idea what the story was about, which is how you should watch the film (although I feel the need to tell you about it) - this is one of those suspense movies that only works if you haven't got an inkling about how the story unfolds....ah well, I'll have to be careful here.

Anyway, it starts out as a kind of monologue - a young journalist talking to some students in a classroom at his old school. He's now writing for a major magazine and has 'made it' in his career. His tone is smarmy and conceited - the kind of guy you 'respect' publicly while privately wish him the worst.

As his monologue is based on the point of view of looking back on success fulfilled, you get the feeling it's going to be a tedious 'struggle-to-success' movie about the American Dream. And it builds up that way. You see him looking back to meetings where he's the goofy popular guy in the office, getting all the attention. He's not only the office clown, but he writes award-winning articles for the magazine too. He can do no wrong. He even looks like a choir boy.

About 20-25 minutes into the film I started flicking over to a Thai drama on channel 3 and seriously considered making a permanent move.

However, something odd happened about 30 minutes into the film. The journalist material he's lauded for finding and then writing about - well some things don't quite check out...and this is where the film goes a bit Alice in Wonderland.

I said earlier its a kind of monologue story - well it turns out our narrator is unreliable. Or is he? The director keeps you guessing, although I just wanted Our Hero Who We Must Love guilty as charged by his editor. I was kept guessing til the end. You'll need to watch it to find out - told you no spoilers!