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Guinness Export in Malaysia

posted on 20 February 2009 | posted in Miscellaneous

Guinness Export in Malaysia Earlier this year I was in Malaysia and discovered Guinness Export - available in little stubby cans and with a strength of 8%. Two quick cans of Export leaves you in an inebriated haze that seems almost sentimental - it's like learning to drink all over again.

Upon opening my first can, I expected one of those mini-eruptions that seem necessary to create a smooth foamy head - yes, and with the kind of noise that stops conversations and forces the can holder to run to the nearest sink. Not so though! Pouring it into a glass, I thought I'd purchased some kind of cola. The black liquid made a token effort of looking like a Guinness before receding back to its cola look.

However, don't let the looks put you off - this is a real buzz beer. It's has a curious taste with a twilight-zone strength - and it seems to have gained a 'cult' status. Here's what some others are saying:-

This is the best Guinness out there, no contest. It has substantial off-white head which fades quickly and leaves little lacing. The roasted, creamy taste is strong but not overpowering and the hints of coffee, chocalate, vanilla and black hash don’t dominate but blend into a rounded whole instead. It's bitter & the alcohol is very noticable but that adds to the beer - with some beers its a problem, but not with this one. A very well-rounded and tasty brew, with a nice alcy-kick as an added bonus.

When Chang tastes of a hangover right from the first sip, it's a pity that there's nowhere I can buy Guinness Export in Thailand (that I know of!).