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Yellow Dog by Martin Amis

Yellow Dog is the title of a 2003 novel by the British writer Martin Amis. Its setting, like many of Amisís novels, is contemporary London. The novel contains several strands that appear to be linked, although a complete resolution of the plot is not immediately apparent.

The main protagonist is Xan (or Alex) Meo, a well-known actor and writer, who is the son of Mick Meo, a violent London gangster who had died in prison years previously. Xan is severely beaten, apparently for mentioning the name of Joseph Andrews, one of his fatherís gangland rivals, in a book. The beating affects Xanís personality, and he becomes increasingly estranged from his wife, Russia (an academic who studies the families of tyrants), and two young daughters. Andrews is also conspiring with Cora Susan, who wants to take revenge on Xan because Mick Meo had crippled her father (who was sexually abusing Cora).