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Comedy Review: Limmy's Show Episode 3

posted on 3 February 2010 | posted in TV

OK so you can tell already I'm probably not going to review every episode of Limmy's Show.

I thought Episode 2 was actually pretty good asides from all the boring World of Glasgow characters, which really (for me) dilutes the show. Pity Limmy doesn't go all out surreal, but instead falls back to hackneyed play-to-type characters. Still, Episode 2's the best so far.

Episode 3 sees Limmy going a bit "darker" - no out-and-out funny sketches (well not for me), but more observational pieces. As Limmy said himself, he doesn't get it when people say they laughed all the way through the show. It's not that kind of show. If you do, you're probably doing it because you think you should be laughing. No, you shouldn't. Laughter is inappropriate for much of this show. Is that a criticism? Isn't Limmy meant to be funny?

Well not really.

I've followed his blog for 5 years or so and if the show is an extension of his blog, then don't expect out-and-out laughs.

Highlights for me were found in the surreal. The "Modus Operandi" opening sketch and the dancing dog.

What is disappointing in episode 3 are the observational pieces. Americanisms, that we're oversold to with messages to buy, buy, buy, crappy song lyrics that don't stand up to scrutiny. These have all been played out on Limmy's blog before, so no surprise. But also I don't really find these observations enlightening or interesting.

He ends the show with a story, but cuts it short just at the point that we want to know what happened next to some poor little girl and how she lost her eyesight. And of course, instead of telling us how it happened, he admonishes us for wanting to know the details of some poor girl's misfortune. That was pretty well done.

So overall, I see Limmy's Show as a bag of Revels and my favourite is the Malteser. I want Limmy's Show to be a bag of Maltesers, but there you go.