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Comedy Review: Limmy's Show Episode 1

posted on 14 January 2010 | posted in TV

Comedy Review: Limmy's Show Episode 1 I managed to watch episode 1 of Limmy's Show (screened on BBC Scotland, 11th Jan 2010) via youtube here (1), here (2) and here (3)

As with my review of the pilot show, I found this hit and miss. In fact more miss than hit. First off the hits though:-

The supermarket scene was Limmy at his subversive best, double punching us with social awkwardness and a surreal ending - this was one of the best sketches I've seen by any comedian on TV. "12:34:56" was perhaps the shortest sketch in the history of comedy and made me laugh out loud. "A ROUND OF DRINKS!" was hilarious and surreal.

One thing I learned with this episode: Limmy makes better and funnier videos by himself than when he has the BBC at his disposal. His "Double Take" should never have had a second take by the BBC. It's like the BBC acted like some overconfident student who's done a course on film production, insisting, no really, that they can do this bigger, better, funnier. It ended up being hammier.

"Mmm mm" - like many of Limmy's fans have already said on his forum - was funny when Limmy made it just a simple one take (no cutting to husband). Instead, the BBC just messed it up and turned it into a standard comedy "skit".

The other sketches were not bad - Falconhoof, "strange bedfellows", Dee Dee's dream, but nothing of Limmy's usual high standard. I hope the BBC haven't diluted his talent for a wider audience, as we know he's a funny guy when he's left to make his own videos.