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Comedy Review : I'm Alan Partridge

posted on 5 August 2009 | posted in TV

Alan Partridge is a Radio Norfolk DJ and long-term patron of the Linton Travel Lodge (series one). He is the caricature of mediocrity (if there is such a thing). His bland, pathetic character is dialled up for maximum comic effect. And it works very well. Seeing him walking along the grassy slopes of a dual carriageway (singing "Goldfinger"), arriving at a petrol station to buy something, asking the bloke working there if he fancies a pint tonight (Alan's lonely, not gay). He gets turned down. He walks out, continues with "Goldfinger".

Every scene is pretty much like this throughout the entire 1st series. On the face of it, you might think it's just TOO bland and boring, but the dialogue is very funny. We're always laughing at Alan, not with him (despite his penchant for joke telling, it's the naffness of his jokes that make them funny).

What I like about the show is that Alan is really the only stereotype in the cast. The others are fairly realistic characters, making Alan look even more comic.

I'm not so sure about the laughter track, though without it, I wonder if some of the jokes would seem TOO flat?

The 2nd series was a bit of a let-down. It relied more on slapstick humour rather than the dry, nuanced jokes in series one.

Here's one of the funnier clips from series two:-